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How antifragile is your team?

In our times, fragile teams are damaged, resilient teams remain the same and antifragile teams become (even more) effective.

I create and facilitate training and coaching programs that help you build a safe environment in which your team members can communicate openly, respect each other and have healthy conflicts.

Because that's how they can focus "as one" and take "real" responsibility in doing their job.


Sounds familiar ?

Negative stress


Stress is high and affects all levels: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual.

Toxic environment


Consversations are focused on problems,

no one is looking for solutions.


deconectare cu fundal.png

People don't trust themselves or their colleagues,

they isolate and procrastinate.

An anti-fragile team needs a leader who knows himself and creates space for his people. A space in which to be curious, to have the courage to make mistakes and learn from and together with others.

How can I support you?

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I create impactful learning experiences by combining Emotion with Reason. I focus on practice so that each participant can make their own connections.



I accompany my clients on a creative journey to their professional or personal goals. I help them find out everything they don't know they know.




I help participants remember how good it feels to be present in their own lives, using the sensations in their body as a compass .


I'm Andreea Rotaru

Senior Trainer and Coach

And I believe that a world that looks and feels like a playground is possible for us all. A space where we show ourselves to others as we (feel), we have the courage to make mistakes and learn together with others.

Since 2012, I have been creating and facilitating development programs for people who are curious to know themselves and have genuine relationships with those around them, both in the office and at home.

I am fascinated by the diversity of solutions that become possible when we start asking questions from a place of courage and trust in those around us. This is also the red thread going through all the programs I create and facilitate: to create conditions for the participants to take back their power and open up to creating together with others.

More information about me  here .

What do those I have worked with say?


I was impressed by how she used her coaching approach to understand our needs and help us unveil the unspoken ones.

Andreea’s core strength as a trainer is that she works in a brilliant way with participant’s emotions, creating a psychological safety environment, where people are willing to express themselves in a genuine way and to start working with their own identified challenges.

Andreea developed and strengthened an unique way to align the company, managers 'and participants' development needs, so all parties benefit. The partnership with Andreea helped my company create meaningful development experiences for my colleagues so I am grateful I met her.


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